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(Added 01-04-2014) The Business Council of Alabama placed their support behind Common Core Standards back in November 2011. However, many facts about the real Common Core have arisen that should cause the BCA to reconsider their support of CCSS. The link below is a copy of the letter from the BCA to Gov. Bentley stating reasons for their support of CCSS. Within the letter we have added commentary in red with links in blue to the actual documents proving the fallacies of their assumptions about CCSS. We plead with the BCA to rescind their support for the sake of Alabama children and families.

BCA CCSS Nov2011LetterWithRebuttal-1

(Added 12-29-13) Who is behind the push to place CCSS into all the school systems across America? BILL GATES via the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Gates Foundation has donated over $1.4 Billion to Common Core related projects across America. Many of these organizations were jump started by the Gates Foundation and in many other instances the donation from the Gates Foundation is the sustaining funding for the organization. See the link below proving where the $1.4 Billion went!

Appendix 29-Gates1.4BillionCCSS


(Added 12-18-13) Click on the link below to view the YouTube video presentation on the Repeal Common Core.

YouTube Video Alabama Should Repeal Common Core


(Added 12-04-13) Click on the document link below for an explanation on why Common Core should be repealed. This document contains links in blue to the supporting documents proving our points for the Repeal of Common Core.

Reasons to Repeal Common Core in Alabama-1

PowerPoint Presentation with narration that will automatically run to present the Reasons to Repeal Common Core. Click on the link below to download. (PS. File is 151MB, so it may take a while to download).


(Added 01-09-14) The document below gives detail research on the grants that hook Alabama to Common Core, the changes in FERPA where student data is no longer protected, the biometric technology that is or will be used on students around the USA and other proofs that CCSS is federally controlled.

Actual Docs Talking Points

(Added 10-27-13) Common Core Facts About How Fed Grants Hook Alabama to Data and Common Core


(Added 8-05-13) Link to Stop Common Core. This Site Contains tons of info about Common Core

(added 3-22-13)  Common Core Data Mining has begun and who is involved, but none other than Bill and Melinda Gates. They are the largest single contributors to the implementation of Common Core across the USA. Why, you may ask. Who owns Microsoft? Gates. Common Core will be taught through computers as opposed to books and all the testing will be through computers and the software designed for Common Core. Who is going to be selling the software for Common Core? Bill Gates! He will make billions off his millions! Go to the following link to view the article. Common Core goes into affect in Alabama 2014 school year.

(added 3-22-13) If you wonder if this is truly related to Common Core, go to and see that they state this is the Data Mining for Common Core. See the following link to their website where it refers to Common Core as the means of implementing InBloom. Common Core is plastered throughout their website:

Who is the leadership and who funded InBloom: See for yourself, Bill and Melinda Gates “Initially Funded”. See who is on the Board: Stacey Childress who is with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Who is Stacey Childress? She is also on the Board of Directors for a company called Wireless Generation Inc. who owns the company called Amplify. Amplify is the software company who won the contract for Common Core. Who is also one of the partners of Amplify? InBloom! Wow! Is that a circular reference we see! Who else is part of Amplify? Joel Klein is the CEO. Who is Joel Klein? Mr. Klein was Chancellor of the New York City Dept. of Education. He also served in the Bill Clinton administration. It was rumored that he was being considered as one of the candidates for Barack Obama’s Sec. of State. He became Exec. Vice Chairman of News Corp. owned by Rupert Murdoch, who owns Wireless Generation who owns Amplify, where he is now the CEO. Hope you can see what is happening and how Common Core is running rampant over us and our children and it will happen in Alabama unless we repeal Common Core:

Common Core Exposed by Ken Freeman (added 3-10-13)

Some misconceived statements (added 02-24-13)

  1. “Common Core Standards are for the public school system and since home-school, private school and Christian Schoolers do not adhere to Common Core, it will not affect us.”

Answer: Common Core Standards will affect every child in Alabama regardless of their source of education because the college entrance testing will be geared to the Common Core Standards and therefore students not trained via Common Core will not pass the entrance exams and will not have an opportunity to enter college.

  1.  Common Core Linked to Agenda 21

Below are some links to research relating to the dangers of Common Core Standards. Please help us defeat Common Core in Alabama and save our children and grand children from the Federal propaganda machine of deception, control and dumbing down of our children.

View the links below on videos to Stop Common Core

  1. Click on this link to view video 1 on Stop the Common Core (added 2-21-13)
  2. Click on this link to view video 2 on Stop the Common Core (added 2-21-13)
  3. Click on this link to view video 3 on Stop the Common Core (added 2-21-13)
  4. Click on this link to view video 4 on Stop the Common Core (added 2-21-13)
  5. Click on this link to view video 5 on Stop the Common Core (added 2-21-13)